Food Storage

Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Food for Long Term Storage   

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  • Food Storage Kits

    Preassembled food supply kits for families and individuals.

    Years supply kits. 72 hour kits. Other kits.

  • Freeze Dried & Dehydrated

    Storage foods in #10 cans

  • Mountain House Meals

    Mountain House Freeze Dried meals taste great and are easy to prepare.
    Just add water and within 10 minutes you have a great tasting meal.
    They're perfect for camping and outdoor recreation and they make
    a great addition to your emergency preparedness plan.
    Trust the experts! Mountain House has been making freeze-dried meals
    for over 50 years! They give you a 30 year shelf-life, a 30 year taste
    guarantee and your choice of over 40 entrees, desserts and side dishes.


  • Other Foods

    Other items for emergency prepardness, survival and long term food storage.

Showing 1 - 223 of 223 items
Showing 1 - 223 of 223 items