Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer

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Our Harvest Right Freeze Dryer allows you to easily and economically freeze dry foods in the comfort of your home. You control the food product to ensure quality and avoid unhealthy additives.

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Why Freeze Drying Is Better

Freeze drying is easier than canning or dehydrating, and makes food last up to eight times longer. Freeze dried foods taste better and have higher nutrient values.

Just put your leftover meals and ripening fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy in your own freeze dryer and press start. In about 20 to 36 hours, your food is ready to be packaged and will have a shelf life of up to 25 years.

The Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer works by quickly lowering the product's temperature to about -40 F. Once the food is frozen, the freeze dryer creates a powerful vacuum that pulls out moisture.

Foods that are canned or dehydrated are subject to higher temperatures and can lose up to 50% of their nutrient value. In addition, they are often tough and less pleasant to eat.

Freeze drying does not shrink or toughen food, allowing it to retain its aroma, flavor, color, shape and food value. Some freeze-dried foods can be eaten right out of the packaging. Or simply add water to reconstitute the food.

With the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer you can preserve large pieces of food such as apricot halves, thick peach slices, large slices of cooked meat, whole shrimp and many other products. You don't have to settle for the small dices of food found in freeze-dried products purchased from stores.

Packaged, processed foods often include unhealthy additives such as sodium nitrate, corn syrup, trans fats, dyes and other products. With the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer you can ensure that you have healthy meals tailored to your families dietary needs. You can avoid foods that cause allergies, including glutton. You can focus on vegetarian or vegan meals or whatever fits your lifestyle.

Our Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer package includes:

  • Commercial Grade Vacuum Pump

  • Three (3) Stainless Steel Trays

  • Owner's Manual

  • Power Cord

  • Insulator Door Pad

  • Guide to Freeze Drying

Your Family Still Matters is proud to be Southern Utah's First authorized distributor of Harvest Right Freeze Dryers!  Come in and see them in person.  We provide detailed instructions, demonstrations, and helpful tips for using your freeze dryer.